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Let’s Talk Funnels!

1.) What are Funnels?

Funnels is a another tool you can use(one of the best ways) , to get your product that you might be promoting(or one of your own), out to the public.

2.) Why are Funnels used?

Funnels are used to Monetize your product! You start with an opt in form(with maybe offering something for free to entice your prospect. Then follow that up with a sales page referencing your product with a possible small one time fee. If the prospect clicks on the sales button it will take them to another page referencing an up sell to the product.  If the prospect decides they want the up sell and click on that sales button, it would then take them to your OTO(One Time Offer) page for a higher amount but, will help them with the product you offered them from the start!

3.) What if I’m not Tech savey at doing this?

Glad You Asked!

There is a product that has only been out for maybe a year called ClickFunnels!  They numerous projects going on and they have a 14 day free trial you can utilize to see if this would be something that would be worth your while, and I know it would be!  Here is a link to the page that tells you more about ClickFunnels and there is are couple of Videos on it that tells about the aspects of utilizing ClickFunnels!  http://bit.ly/CF_AfL_Mark_LanPgs

Hope this helps you out in you endeavors to have your own online business!

Have a Great Day!



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